3 Most Common Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises, also known as aerobic exercises are physical exercises, generally, of varying intensity, which depend upon aerobic processes to burn energy- this means that they require free oxygen to liberate the energy required to meet the demands of the body during exercise.
Aerobic exercises or cardiovascular exercises are generally called ‘cardio’ and are seen by several people as low- to- moderate level exercises which can help them along on the path to lose weight and achieve a fit body. These exercises are generally free weight. They can include walking, jogging, running, swimming, skipping rope, cycling, and several others.
The health benefits associated with cardio are immense and include stronger cardio vascular system, increased lung capacity, reduction in stress levels, relief from insomnia, higher levels of energy, increased bone density, reduction in blood pressure, reduction in chances of heart disease, strokes, cancer and several other conditions and loss of weight.

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Given below are a few cardio exercises which you can perform in your quest to become fit:

1. Jogging:

Jogging is perhaps one of the most common cardiovascular exercises since several decades. It is one of the most result oriented exercises and shows great results in a relatively short amount of time compared to most aerobic activities. Another great benefit is that it is not as fast- paced and intense as running or sprinting, while at the same time being much more effective than walking.

Studies have shown that people who jog show an improvement in their life expectancy. Males were shown to increase their life expectancy by as much as five years, and females showed an increased life expectancy of more than six years.

Another major benefit is that jogging burns a sizeable number of calories. In fact, jogging can help you burn up to 400 calories per hour depending on your body weight and type. This means that it is a great tool for weight loss. If you jog for one hour for five days in a week, you can lose up to 3 pounds in a month.

It also helps to build muscle since the lower body bears the weight of the entire upper body for the entire duration of the workout. This keeps the lean muscle intact and ensures that your Basal Metabolic Rate increases, which results in a greater amount of calories being burnt even when you are resting.

2. Swimming:

Swimming is also a great option for those people who love water and live in warmer climates. Swimming is a low impact exercise which is suitable for people of all age groups. In fact, it is a recommended exercise for the elderly since it is highly therapeutic and does not place any strain whatsoever on the joints. It is recommended for people with joint pain since it induces a feeling of weightlessness and allows the joints to relax, providing respite from the pain and allowing it to heal. It also allows them to sleep better and increase the healing capacity of the body.

Swimming also helps in weight loss by burning more than 500 calories in a session of one hour. Swimming for five days a week for one hour can help you lose up to 4 pounds in a month.
People who swim regularly have been shown to have a lesser incidence of diseases like type II diabetes, stroke, heart disease and blood pressure among others.

3. Cycling (Spin Bike):

Unlike swimming, cycling is probably much easier for people to learn and get the hang of. Also, it does not require access to expensive facilities like pools. It is a cheap way to exercise with spin bikes being affordable for the majority of the population. Another major benefit that cycling on a spin bike has over other methods of training is that it can be done within the confines of your home without having to worry about the weather, time of the day, safety of the surroundings or how busy the roads are.

Another thing which works in their favor is that they burn a huge amount of calories- up to 650 calories per hour, depending upon the intensity of the workout.

Cycling also drastically improves the basal metabolic rate (BMR) since it builds muscles of the lower body, which in turn increases tehe energy requirement of the body, which leads it to burn more calories than normal, even when you are not active.


From the above-quoted examples, it is apparent that a spin bike is an excellent means to exercise if you do not have the luxury of a swimming pool, or do not have time to venture out for a jog early in the morning. It is also a great workout for those with back pains, joint pains and other issues since it is a low impact exercise.

3 Most Common Cardio Exercises
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3 Most Common Cardio Exercises
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