What is Aqua Spinning & where can I find an aquatic exercise bike?

From regular spinning to kickboxing and Crossfit, all of the different fitness crazes right now may make it hard to figure out what’s best for you. Whether or not you’ve been to a fitness class before or even if you haven’t worked out in a group before, there’s no reason you can’t look into a group class like Aqua spinning. However, once you try an aqua spin class for yourself, you’ll be hooked.

It’s literally underwater spinning class on a pool bicycle

A pool bicycle is coming to a gym near you or already available at your local pool, aqua spinning it the latest fitness craze that takes your cardio workout underwater. An energetic combination of swimming and cycling, aqua spinning is a group workout that leaves your body feeling refreshed while keeping your muscles hard at work.
Just like any standard spinning class, aqua spinning starts at the ground level and then takes the work out into the pool. Most classes integrate some of the best spin bikes like the Keiser M3i on the market that are also rust proof for obvious reasons. While the music plays and your classmate’s splash, your aqua spinning workout will make your fitness session fly by. You may have trouble adjusting to working out underwater since the resistance in the water is much stronger than that of normal spinning. With a standard 45 minute class of aqua spinning, your quads and calves will be feeling the burn in no time.

Men should be sure to wear the proper clothing

Newbies to aqua spinning will definitely want to make sure to wear shorts and as tight of clothing as possible. New spinners that make the mistake of wearing loose clothing will soon find out just how difficult it is to spin underwater with an inflated shirt or bloated yoga pants. Additionally, it is important to wear the right footwear. Tight sneakers are a must when cycling underwater, as having loose shoes or sandals may result in an underwater injury.

The Benefits of Aqua Spinning

With aqua spinning, the body can burn about 800 calories kilocalories and hour underneath the water. The pressure and support of the water works to accelerate blood circulation, which then helps to facilitate the elimination of fat. Additionally, the sheer nature of cycling combined with the added water pressure will increase your blood flow which works to keep your muscles energized. With the hydrostatic pressure, your legs will ultimately feel lighter as you cycle underwater. This feeling is what makes Aqua spinning such a great option for pregnant women, athletes or amateurs in recovery, or anyone new to the fitness lifestyle. The zero gravity of the water is incredibly accommodating for those that suffer from joint pain or muscular problems.

Best for those with injuries

Aqua cycling is essentially impact free and is a really great alternative to running or similar cardio. While good for the body, running can have several long-term impacts on the body. If you would prefer something other than an exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike with pulse you should aim for this aquatic alternative. The free flowing nature of water puts the body’s muscles at ease and allows for a great workout with minimal soreness and very little strain on the body. Being in the water keeps the body’s heartbeat frequency 10% lower than what it would be on land. With aqua spinning, the body is working at a higher intensity while maintaining a lower heart rate. This ultimately will work to improve your body’s endurance as you continue to practice aqua spinning.

Breathing exercise for good workout habits

Cycling underwater will help you to be mindful of the way you breathe while working out. When the majority of your body is submerged, you will naturally focus more on your breathing. Additionally, with proper breathing, your muscles will have more oxygen, which will keep them functioning at their best. Working out surrounded by flowing water keeps your body cool and helps to prevent you from having to catch your breath like you might need to if you were working out in the hot sun.


With all the wonderful benefits of aqua spinning, there really is no reason to not give it a try. The soothing cool calm of the pool paired with that incredible post-workout high is something that can only be found in a class like this. If you want to give your muscles a break from all the high impact above-ground cardio, check out your local gym for the next available spin class. Once you have your first chance to cycle in the water, you’ll never go back to regular cycling again.