I'm in a rush & I need a quick routine!

“My hotel room basically doesn’t have a gym and I just downed an entire pizza. In need of a way to burn calories fast!”

What’s more aggravating, going to a hotel or motel and discovering that they don’t have a gym or finding their gym just to find a pile of broken equipment?


Whatever one is worse for you, either way, you need a solution. Personally, I got tired of dealing with this pain in the tuchus & invested in a taiy fitness system. If you are short on cash after forking over your last 150 bucks on a hotel room or you are just trying to find a quick equipment-free workout. My quick guide will show you four exercises that can kick your butt. Not only that but I will also introduce you to the best fitness app for the game.

Quick 4 Exercises to Burn Off Fat While On The Go In Hotels

Let’s get started

Exercise #1

The Burpee is essentially a full body exercise that when done properly will kill your lungs & limbs simultaneously. Military & boot camp trainers utilize the Burpee to push their clients into overdrive. Sometimes they even super-set the Burpee with a spin bike, just in case you wanted an early death. If you can do ten consecutive burpees in a short time frame with no breaks, you sir are pretty fit! We suggest amateurs to attempt five full burpees, that is starting in the push-up position, continuing to lift your knees to your chest & hopping up as if you were reaching a pull-up bar. Then replacing your arms to the floor, stretching to push up position & doing one push up. That’s it. It’s a real pain good time!

Exercise #2
Slow mountain climbers

A mountain climber has nothing to do with a billy goat, more relation to the activity. Essentially it’s a form of slow abdominal torture that has the added benefit of hitting your legs and creating lower body exercise. When done slowly, you activate your fast-twitch muscles. The fast-twitch fibers are the same that you would use for Anaerobic exercises like sprinting or strength-based training. The motion is far from comfortable, and it really hits your stabilizers.

To perform a Mountain Climber: drop down to the push-up position and slowly bring one knee to the side of your chest. Continue to bring that knee back down and repeat on the opposite side. Time is your friend in this exercise, just performing ten on both sides in a slow manner (somewhere around 1 minute). Will crush you (in a good way, promise).

Exercise #3
Pyramid Push-Ups

For our third exercise, we are going to dig deeper into the upper body portion. Not only that, this particular exercise is essentially 10-in-1. Let’s dig deeper into what a “pyramid” is. When super-setting an exercise in a “pyramid,” you perform repetitions in sequence up to ten. So you would do one push up, break; then complete 2, break; 3 &, etc. This cadence essentially forces your body to its limit because, in the end, you are doing over 100 repetitions in total. Also, remember that patience is a virtue. Perform your exercises slowly and breathe properly during reps.

You can choose from a basic push up or wide. The wider you are in your form, the more you will activate your chest muscles. This all depends on your goals, and I am kind of obsessed with my chest muscles. So I hit them all the time when doing pyramid pushups! (pic of me)

Exercise #4
Calf raises

Last but not least, we get to the calf raise. The most neglected exercise out there. I was tempted to end this with a cardio based workout, but I would suggest just waiting until you could find a spin bike or elliptical if you want to get some cardio.


To perform a calf raise, simply stand up straight. Then place your feet about 6 inches apart, continue to lift your heels from your toes and flex your calves.


That’s it! This simple exercise routine can absolutely crush your expectation. If you’re looking for something a bit more structured and challenging, I have to suggest the Freeletics app on iOs and Android. It is an all-in-one fitness app that is basically a gym in a phone. You can even get personalized fitness and nutrition plans!

4 Quick Exercises You Can Do In A Hotel
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4 Quick Exercises You Can Do In A Hotel
If you're looking for quick exercises that you can do in a small cramped hotel room. This is the routine for you! I've compiled a great guide for the aspiring fitness fanatic on the go.
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